Fresh Henna Cones – with Bulgarian Lavender essential oil (for use on pregnant women)

Approx weight 18gms

Minimum order of 5 cones.

Fresh henna paste prepared using the latest crop of Sojat (Rajasthani) henna powder, lemon juice and Bulgarian Lavender essential oil. Achieve professional, intricate designs using cones with fine holes.

* Fresh cones can be refrigerated for upto 4-5 days from the date of preparation.

* Cones can also be frozen on arrival for up to 6 months.

* Aftercare instructions will be included along with your order.

* Beautiful, dark stains with proper aftercare.

* 100% natural, organic henna used. There are no harmful chemicals.

** This product is SUITABLE for use on pregnant women.

Shipping Details

Fresh henna cones shipped only within the UK.
Please ensure to check Shipping Dates by clicking on Shop in the menu.
Order will be shipped strictly on the listed Shipping dates at the top of the Shop page.
Please add any special instructions at Order Checkout in the box provided.